undergraduate in the physics department at UCLA


Quantum Physics and Technology Lab
UCLA Physics
Professor HongWen Jiang
Poster | Bloch Sphere Video

Our group focuses on quantum dots as potential qubits for quantum computing. I worked on a few different projects, including simulating electron spins in double and triple quantum dots using MATLAB and Mathematica, analysis of charge stability diagrams, and experimental implementation of a thermal filter and a micromagnet.

Photonics Lab
UCLA Electrical Engineering
Professor Bahram Jalali
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The Photonics Lab invented an imaging technique called Serial Time Encoded Amplified Microscopy, or STEAM. I worked on a project to incorporate STEAM into a flow cytometer in order to image individual cells flowing through a microfluidic channel and identify cells using image analysis. We were able to detect rare particles, such as circulating tumor cells in blood. I also led an independent project studying methods of tagging target cells, and mentored two undergraduates.

Computational Astrophysics Group
UCSC Astrophysics
Professor Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz

I worked on an independent project modeling three-body gravitational dynamics, including gravitational wave radiation, and the implications for globular cluster collapse phenomena using IDL, C++, and Mathematica.